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Hi, There you can download APK file "com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free" for Android free, apk file version is 10.0.19 to download to your android device just click this button. It's easy and warranty. We provide only original apk files. If any of materials on this site violates your rights, report us
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Description of uCraft Free

uCraft Free

uCraft is a 2D block building game where you can build anything you want. Explore, dig, farm, survive and just have fun. We are continually adding new features and functionalities. Join the uCraft community and help mold what will be an awesome survival game.

Note: If you are having trouble importing skins, make sure uCraft has permissions to access your photo library. You can do this on your device in settings/applications menu.

Now Survival Alpha !!!!


- Frequent Updates.

- Infinite Flatlands maps.

- Import your favorite player skins.

- Survive, Farm, Breed Animals.

- Multi-Layer tile engine.

- Build, Explore, Your only limits are your device and mind.

- Create explosive chain reactions with TNT.

- Grow trees? Plus Much More... ;)

+ 5 Million Downloads !!!!

For complete release details please go to.

Version history uCraft Free
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 10.0.19
Version 10.0.18 - Version 10.0.19

Bug Fixes:

Fixed silent crash when creating new worlds.


Updated order of chest inventory.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 10.0.16
Version 10.0.16

Bug Fixes:

Fixed mobs not spawning while using BlockU texture pack.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 10.0.15
Version 10.0.15

Bug Fixes:

Fixed bug where horses would not spawn, causing a silent crash.
Fixed bug where skeletons shooting arrows would cause a silent crash.


Reduced size of tips in loading screen.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 10.0.14
Version 10.0.14

Added / Updated

Added drag spawn functionality.
Added dynamic loading of chunks for thrown items in infinite worlds.
Moved menu color screen to menu options screen.
Added color picker for accent color selection.
Color preference now affects selection box.
Added toggle button for debug data.
Hammers are now used to break blocks such as crafting tables, doors, etc.

Complete update log: http://methodmobilestudios.net/update-log/
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 10.0.13
Version 10.0.11


Added health bars to mobs.
Added switch to options menu to enable health bars for mobs.
Added item frames, and the ability to place items in them.
Added TNT recipe


Updated all mobs base health.
Adjusted tools and weapons damage base.
Changed mode menu to options menu.
Reduced the size of dropped objects.
Mob health is now saved when they are culled off screen.
Moved TNT to objects menu

Fixed button sound from firing twice in options menu.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 10.0.01

Added foreground blocks. ;)
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 10.0.00
Version 10.0.00


New Versioning!

Reduced hardness of wood logs. This update effectively reduces the time to mine logs by 50%.
Switch the load and delete button's positions.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed auto jump bug where player would try and jump through blocks.
Fixed bug where leaf particles would display as grey scaled.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.7.1
Version 4.7.1
Updated menu.
Other Minor Bug Fixes.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.7.0
Version 4.6.9 to 4.7.0

Completely updated particle engine.
This includes new particle animations for fire, breaking blocks, weather, and more!
Found a nasty unknown bug having to do with block culling.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.6.8
Version 4.6.8

Added Pumpkin, Sandstone, Stone Brick, and Cobblestone Fences.
Other maintenance.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.6.5
Version 4.6.5

Added Oak Fences and Birch Fences.
Note: Fences will not save in old worlds. You will need to create a new world to save placed fences.
Other Minor bug fixes.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.6.4
Version 4.6.4

Creepers do more damage.
Fixed bug where creepers would circle player instead of exploding.
Updated sound menu with a master and music volume sliders.
Other minor Fixes.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.6.1
Fixed bug: Translation error with house ads.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.5.8
Version 4.5.7 - 4.5.8Check store listing for details.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.5.6
Version 4.5.6Bug Fixes
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.5.0
Version 4.5.0Fixed bug: Where back side of player legs and arms were incorrectly scaled.Updated: Logo screen.Fixed: spelling errors in create map menu.Added: Walking animation when flying.Added: Green Light Sword and recipie.Updated: Porteguese language.Updated: Russian Language.Updated: Turkish Language.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.4.8
Version 4.4.8Hot Fixes.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.4.6
Bug Fixes
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.3.6
Hot Fix Version 4.3.6Fixed bug: Where furnaces would not open.Fixed bug: Where placing spawn eggs in chests would cause crash.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.3.4
Version 4.3.4Removed square clouds. These clouds do not match the current sky box we have in place.This should also increase performance minutely.Added: Player head will now rotate when placing blocks.Fixed bug: Where player head rotation would not reset sometimes.
New in com.methodmobilestudios.Minecraft_Simulator_Free 4.2.4
4.2.4 Critical crafting bug fix.
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